Airbrush HD Makeup Application: Custom foundation creating a flawless look. Airbrush makeup is waterproof, sweat proof and wears up to 8-12 hours without touch ups. Creates a smooth and flawless face and guests will be complimenting you on your skin all night. Recommended for all brides. 

Traditional Makeup: Custom foundation creating a budget friendly flawless look.  Using an array of different types of foundations suited for your skin. Full coverage, BB, powders.  

Makeup Trials: Recommended to all my clients. During a trial you have the opportunity to try out your desired look for your special day. We will create a beautiful look geared toward your needs. We also will discuss pricing, schedules and the day of.  

Tag Along: Take us to your special event for touch ups and let us make sure you look fabulous all day and night. Additional fees apply.  

Other services: Lessons, Tattoo and scar covering, photoshoots, film and editorial.